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Why I Switched to Kajabi and How It Helped Me Be Much More Productive

What is Kajabi

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Kajabi is a software company that markets itself as an all in one business platform.  Unlike other software programs that focus on one thing, Kajabi is one piece of software that takes care of a lot of different things needed for your online business.  

What is Included with Kajabi

It's actually quite impressive when you think about it.  Kajabi includes the software you need for:

  • Creating your website, including your blog
  • Creating and selling online courses
  • Creating and selling a membership site
  • Creating and selling a coaching program
  • Opt in forms
  • Landing pages
  • Email Marketing

I'm sure I'm missing some things.  It seems to do everything on its own other than webinars, scheduling coaching sessions, and selling physical products.  

Many of the available functions are quite advanced.  There are different automations and things called "pipelines" included which help you to easily connect pages, opt ins, landing pages, trip wires, and things like that.  There are automations so if someone does something on your website, you can trigger a certain event.  

Kajabi does not use plugins like Wordpress, so it is much more secure.  A lot of what you need is built right in.  There is a section for SEO and sharing built into each blog post, sort of like Yoast (though also different).  

Why I Switched

The reason I decided to switch to Kajabi was because it is one website that has all of the things.  Everything is right here on this one website so I do not have to figure out how to make things work together. 

Since I have a full time job and have problems with maintaining focus from time to time, I found that having all of the different websites felt like I was juggling a lot and not getting anything done.  

I paid for an online course site last year and never even started creating. 

With Kajabi, it is easy to get started in creating your online course and attaching it to your other things.  

Inside the online course section, which is called "offers," Kajabi offers several types of different ways to create an offer.  There are mini courses, full courses, etc. 

Inside of each one there is an outline and Kajabi gives you suggestions of what to put in each section.  This is brilliant, especially for someone who is new or easily overwhelmed by all of the tasks that go into an online business. 

When you have all the things right there and they are all so easy to get started with, it's a no brainer.

I have to admit that at first when I saw the price I was not interested.  Kajabi is a bit more expensive than other programs.  But, when you think about it, it actually ends up being about the same or even a little cheaper!

It is especially cost effective if you're like me and find yourself much more productive given that everything is right there in front of you to set up and get done!  No more trying to figuring out complicated ways to connect everything.  No more trying to figure out how to speed up my site or protect my site when Kajabi does it all for me.  

Back to price though for a moment.  The smallest plan on Kajabi includes 10,000 subscribers.  I just put 9,999 subscribers into Convertkit's pricing website and it is $119 per month.  I guess I can stop right there because Convertkit is only email.  With Kajabi you are paying approximately the same amount but in addition to an email program, you are also getting all the other things I mentioned.  

But let's say you have a smaller list of around 2000.  Here is the breakdown:

Leadpages:  $25 per month

Convertkit;  $49 a month

Teachable:  $29 a month (plus 5% transaction fees)

Wordpress hosting:  Starting out you can get this pretty cheap, but over time you'll have to increase cost.  Let's go with the Siteground Growbig account which ends up being about $20 a month.  Although if you're just starting out you can get it for much less. 

Those are all things that I had when I started using Kajabi.  I did not yet start looking at membership site programs so I am not sure what the cost would be there.  But with just what I added above, you're looking at about $125 a month.  

The current cost of Kajabi (monthly) is $149 or (yearly) $119.  Not much of a difference.  

And so far in my experience the added quality has made it worth it.  There is a lot of training, customer service has been great, and the Facebook group is pretty helpful.  

How it Has Helped

I mentioned it before, but the biggest thing for me is that it helps me to maintain focus.  I only have to log onto the one site to work on my website and offers.  I don't have to leave this site to work on emails.  I can see it all right here.  It is easy to link between things since everything is on this site.  

I suppose I could have come up with a better plan for myself on how to use the systems together previously, but this just feels better.  

Growing Pains

Now don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all hearts and flowers.  There are some things I've had to sacrifice or that I'm still trying to figure out.  I have a running list of questions.  You see, I'm used to Wordpress.  I have plugins that allow me to do some neat things.  

I'm not sure yet if Kajabi can do all of things I'd like to do.

Although I use Tasty Pins on Wordpress to get my images ready for Pinterest, on Kajabi I had to figure out how to do it manually.  It wasn't too difficult and I shared how here.

When I gave up Convertkit, I had to move my email list.  I feel a little overwhelmed with having to re-tag everyone, but it is also possible there is an easier way I haven't learned yet.  

There doesn't seem to be as much flexibility in making you blog look a certain way and the segmenting of emails seems to be a little less robust than on something like Convertkit.  Right now I have been finding it somewhat difficult to figure out whether I have any unsubscribes.  To be fair, I haven't done much with the emails yet since I still need to set up my list correctly.  

When I give up Convertkit I also had to redo forms on my other website.  I learned to create forms that were connected to Kajabi through a double opt in.  Although i could have embedded Kajabi forms on my Wordpress website, I thought they were kind of ugly so I didn't.  

The main negative for me is that I am not really able to use some of the plugins or programs that I've purchased previously that I love.  The one that KILLS me is Convertbox.  I love love love Convertbox but as of right now it does not integrate with Kajabi and it sounds like they are not planning an integration at the moment (boo).  I really love the way Convertbox segments your list at the opt in level and does so in an automatic hands-off way.  It is one of my favorite pieces of software for my blog and it's one that is pretty hard to give up.  

Another negative I found is that it does not seem to integrate well with ads.  So if you wish to use ad networks to monetize your site, you may not have luck.  I reached out to Mediavine to ask about using their ads on Kajabi and they did not rule it out, but stated they had not yet placed their ads on a Kajabi website.  

I'm attempting to place Adsense ads on this Kajabi site to see if it would work if I just place the code on the site.  

Do I Recommend Using Kajabi?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm still pretty new to Kajabi.  I'm within the trial period.  You can start a trial of Kajabi to use all of these features to try it out for yourself.  I think the best way is to try out the 28 day challenge since it walks you through tasks every day for 28 days.  

I do recommend using Kajabi, especially if you're someone who is busy or who is easily distracted or overwhelmed.  I'm pretty good at learning new software, but at some point having to connect a million different pieces of software just got to be too much.

It also seems the course section, the pipelines, and the membership site abilities make it worth it.  A lot of people seem to subscribe to Kajabi just for those functions while keeping the Wordpress blog and email software they already use.  

I can totally see doing it that way as well.  I decided to start a new website rather than moving over my Wordpress site.  I do have a little anxiety about my email list segmentation, but on the other hand it does look like Kajabi has a lot of different ways to segment out people.

There is a lot of automation that looks pretty neat.  If someone purchases a course for example, you can automatically send a certain email sequence while removing them from sales emails.  Things like that...

Although I am still on the trial, I think I am going to purchase the full year of Kajabi and take the leap.  The increase in focus and productivity alone for me has been outstanding.  Also, the new pages feature makes creating a great looking website easy!  I created a bunch of pages today and am pretty happy with how they look. 

I just have to fix the copy and all will be good!

So if you're looking for a way to create an online business without getting stuck in all the distractions and overwhelm of having multiple tools, sign up for Kajabi today!

Get a Free Trial when you sign up for Kajabi's 28 day challenge here.  That way you can do as I am doing and try it out before committing fully!  Warning, it is hard to imagine going back to the old if you aren't ready to make the switch, you might want to wait :) 

Otherwise, sign up!

Why I Switched To Kajabi for My Website, Online Courses, Membership, Landing Pages, More



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