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How to Add a Pin Description to an Image in a Kajabi Blog Post

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Recently I've decided to switch from Wordpress to Kajabi for one of my blogs.  

I've been using Wordpress for a while and am used to certain things that I can do with plugins on Wordpress that I need to figure out how to do on Kajabi.  

I've decided to write a blog post series on these tasks so that I have the directions for myself as well as for you.  

Wordpress Plugin for Pinterest

The plugin I used (and loved) for adding pin descriptions to images on Wordpress is called Tasty Pins (which you can get by clicking this link).  Tasty Pins makes it so easy to add both data to your images so that they show up in Google correctly and, even better, so that when someone clicks on one of your images to post to Pinterest, that image has a description already tied to it.  

Here is how it works.  When you add an...

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