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How to Choose a Niche For Your Business So That You Can Get Customers and Make Money

Still working on deciding the topic or niche for your business?  Read on for some ideas to help you choose your business niche.  

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What is a Niche and Do You Need One?

A niche is a specific topic area that a blog or business focuses on.  

A question that a lot of bloggers and business owners struggle with is whether they need to have a specific niche or whether they can just choose to blog about whatever they feel like blogging about.

It seems it would be easier to just go with the flow in the moment, but I've found that isn't true.  

What happens instead is you find yourself directionless and therefore frozen or stuck in how to move forward.  

Think of it this way:  a business is created to solve problems for people.  If your business is about dogs, gardening, cooking, blogging, and money how will anyone...

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